Halfmoon Baseball League Scholarship

Halfmoon Baseball League 
$500.00 Annual Scholarship Program 

All eligible persons are encouraged to apply.

Below are the  eligibility requirements: 

- Halfmoon Baseball League must be the most recent community league played in by the applicant 

- Applicant must have played in Halfmoon Baseball League the most recent 3 years that he/she played 
community league ball 

- Applicant must be a student in good standing (i.e., average of 3.0 GPA/80% or better) throughout first 
3.5 years of high school) 

- Does not need to be on High School Baseball team 

- To Apply, applicant should draft a letter to the Halfmoon Baseball League which includes the following 

- Resume of their Baseball related activities and teams through their youth to present, including 
teams and leagues 

- Description of community based involvement activities o Plans for future/ planned use of 
scholarship if awarded 

- Descriptions of why they believe they are deserving/worthy of the scholarship o Non-official 
copy of High-School transcript

- Contact information (Telephone and street address, e-mail also recommended) 

- Applications should be submitted to the President of the Halfmoon Baseball League NO later than April 20 of award year. Applicants will be reviewed and awarded by the Halfmoon Baseball League Board, or a committee 
designated by the Board no later than May 31st. 

Completed application letters may be e-mailed to:

halfmoonbbl@gmail.com, or mailed to the following address 
(with a postmark no later than April 20th of the award year): 

Halfmoon Baseball League 
Attn: Scholarship Committee 
PO Box 4309 
Halfmoon, NY 12065