Board of Directors

2022 Board Members
Jeff Klahr Elizabeth Reisinger
Art Sassone Julie Zeissler
Bill Riley Brendan Wrenn
Nick Davey Kyle Williams
Steve Furlong Keith Miller
Mike Smith Jeremy Fischer
Sean Williams  


Board Activities


Position Lead Person/People Primary Responsibilities
President Julie Zeissler Responsible for creating the best possible baseball experience for all members of the league and sustaining a high level of excellence into the future
Vice President Elizabeth Reisinger  
Treasurer Jeff Klahr Develops the annual budget and ensures proper auditing procedures are in place.  Manages all of the league's day-to-day finanances
Secretary/Communications Director Bill Riley Handles all league communications and records all Board related activities
Registrar Julie Zeissler Manages the registration process for all league events and maintains the Blue Sombrero registration site
Scheduler Keith Miller Manages the scheduling of all league based activities on the Town Park Complex including Rec & Travel practices and games
Webmaster   Manages the web content for the league 
Equipment Manager   Maintains the league's inventory of equipment for the Travel and Rec leagues - responsible for distribution and collection each season
Field Maintenance Director   Responsible for maintaining proper playing conditions for all Town Park fields including management of all equipment and supplies
Entertainment Director   Responsible for Morty the Mariner and the league sound system
Jr. Umpire Trainer/Umpire in Chief   Responsible conducting pre-season umpire training academy and maintaining the quality of the umpire staff
Umpire Scheduler   Coordinates with the Scheduler to arrange umpires at all Rec season games
Sponsor Liason   Solicits all sponsorships for the Rec season including new scoreboard leases and tournament sponsorships
Uniform Manager Brendan Wrenn Liason between vendors and Travel and Rec Commissioners in all matters related to team uniforms.  Also responsible for league Spiritwear website.
Player Develepment Director   Focused on creating and executing development programs for both the players and coaches of the league.
Opening/Closing Celebration Coordinator Brendan Wrenn Responsible for creating and organizing the Opening Day and Celebration Night ceremonies.
Special Events Coordinator   Head contact for league special promotions including, but not limited to Dick's Discount Day, Picture Day, and Valley Cats night
Rec Rumble Tournament Director Julie Zeissler Responsible for the planning and execution of the Rec Rumble 
Melee Tournament Director   Responsible for the planning and execution of the Melee
Concession Elizabeth Reisinger The team will develop the process and procedures for all concession related activities.  Responsibiiltes include staffing, menu selection, pricing, and cash and inventory management of the stand.
Travel League Commissioner   - Oversees the development of players within the Travel program
    - Administers the selection process for all Travel teams
    - Manages the equipment and uniform needs of all Travel teams
    - Handles the onboarding of new managers and mentors them on all team logistics including budget, parent communication, and league expectations
Recreation League Commissioner Brendan Wrenn - Oversees the development of players within the Recreation program
Sandlot League Commissioner Zeissler/Wrenn - Administers the playing rules for each division
Fall Development Program Commissioner   - Oversees the selection process and/or distribution of players for the League
Fall Wood Bat League Commissioner Brendan Wrenn - Ensures the equipment needs of the program are met
    - Manages the uniform needs of all teams
    - Works closely with the Division Coordinators to resolve any conflicts
    - Create the closest thing to a Major League experience for every child in the league
Division Coordinators   Collaborate with the Rec League Commissioner and Player Development Director to deliver the best possible experience for players and coaches. Also works with league Scheduler to produce Rec league schedule for their division.
6 Year Old Brendan Wrenn  
7 Year Old Kyle Williams  
8 Year Old Keith Miller  
10 & Under Nick Davey  
12 & Under Keith Miller  
15 & Under  Elizabeth Reisinger